Trump Encourages Hacking!

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Why I am speaking out against Donald Trump!

I’ve never even heard of him until he stepped up for election, but now that I see his face in every newspaper it’s a face very hard to forget. Normally, I don’t care for celebrity attention-whores like Mr Trump, but when I learned of the way he shamelessly bullied a disabled reporter at a press conference, I knew I wasn’t going to like this guy.

Every news article I have since read about the upcoming US Presidential election portrays him as a weird, bigoted, lying, woman and immigrant-hating, upper class bully. Why? Just why would anyone want this guy to be President of their country? I may not know anything about politics, (not that I think he does either) but I do know that his lack of interest in the true responsibilities of being the US President; and his behavior and attitude towards Rival-Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, disabled journalists, women and any form of criticism shows he shouldn’t be running for President.

What really wound me up was when I learned about Hillary Clinton having her private emails hacked supposedly by Russia, and Donald Trump had openly challenged them to do so beforehand. I'm no fan of Clinton either, but in my line of work, I cannot condone or tolerate such an irresponsible thought.

So for such behaviour, I’m going to refer to Mr Trump as Nellie the Elephant for the remainder of this article!

I’d expect a wealthy businessman like Nellie the Elephant to know better, but as he obviously doesn’t, I’m more than happy to explain to him below. He enjoys using Twitter a lot, so to quote one of my own Tweets:

Hacking is dangerous! Hackers are out to cause malicious harm. The consequences of which can result in identity theft, stolen money, classified documents being leaked, viruses getting into computers, I could go on.

From a business perspective, (as Old Nellie should know) it’s a violation of the victim’s right to privacy, and the failure of security that’s supposed to protect that data from being hacked in the first place! As a Web Designer, I Email on a daily basis. It’s part of my job, and I understand too well the risks Hackers could do to ruin my career or affect my client’s privacy rights.

Unlike Nellie, as a Freelancer, I am obliged by the Data Protection Act 1998 to keep any information shared between me and my clients safe and secure, whether it’s by Email or written on paper.

Hacking destroys lives, businesses, and even economies. That’s the reason it’s a Crime. For Nellie to go challenging people, especially from countries who don’t like America to hack into a person’s emails shows he has absolutely no respect for the Data Protection Act 1998, or the people he wants to be ‘responsible for’.

While there are many ways Hackers could get into your emails, you can still stop it from happening. My advice would be to...

  • Use very strong passwords with letters, numbers, symbols, just make it hard to remember for everyone but yourself.
  • Treat your password like your pin-number. You keep it shielded from people at the cash point in town, so do the same at your keyboard.
  • Change it every month or two. This lessens the risk of your password being discovered if you forget to log out.
  • Remember to log out when you’re finished using Email or Social Media.
  • Delete your browsing history and any cookies that get on your computer.
  • Never use the same password for all your Email and Social Media profiles.
  • If your browser offers to remember a password for you, always select no.
  • Use a reliable Anti-Virus system like Norton and keep it up to date.
  • Don’t open any email messages you feel suspicious of.
  • Don’t download any files you don’t trust.
  • Don’t be like Nellie the Elephant.