Web tech, autism and public speaking!

Having been inspired after having attended various conferences (and being badgered into doing this by an anonymous university lecturer), I delivered my first conference talk. Special thanks to the amazing teams from Bytes Conf 2016, and Front End North 2016. Video recording, originally live-streamed on Periscope on 22nd September 2016, which took place at the…
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Trump Encourages Hacking!

Why I am speaking out against Donald Trump! I’ve never even heard of him until he stepped up for election, but now that I see his face in every newspaper it’s a face very hard to forget. Normally, I don’t care for celebrity attention-whores like Mr Trump, but when I learned of the way he…
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upFrontConf 2016

Last week, I attended upFrontConf 2016 at the RNCM in Manchester. Not only was it an opportunity for me to learn a better understanding of front-end web development, but I made contacts with various professionals in the web industry. One of these was the first talk, “A Field Guide To Web Accessability” which was delivered…
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A Lesson In ‘#’ Hashtags

To understand this blog post, it is assumed you are familiar with social media and you’re a regular user of Twitter. Until recently, I don’t think I bothered with Hashtags. (That little symbol on your keyboard that looks like a tic-tac-toe grid: #) It’s called a “Pound” sign all over the world except for Britain,…
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Mobile and Tablet Interfaces

It appears that touch screen interfaces are getting more popular by the year. This is extremely useful regarding the latest mobile phone and tablet devices which operate functions by touching the icon with your finger. According to Anthony (2013) from the UX Movement, users “prefer to swipe horizontally through a full screen photo gallery”. This…
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Bootstrap and Foundation

Bootstrap and Foundation are the two most popular front-end frameworks today. Choosing which one to use is entirely down to one’s personal preferences, but in all they work the same way. Credit : Vassilis Michalopoulos / Flickr Creative Commons Bootstrap was created by former Twitter employees while Foundation is the brainchild of ZURB, an interaction…
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Blogging and Social Media: Twitter

Like most other Millennials, I’ve been using Social Media for years. It started when I finished secondary school back in 2005, and at that time my friends introduced me to Bebo in order to keep up with each other online. As the years went by, we upgraded to Facebook; but only recently I have taken…
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